James Hemingway Short Fiction Award-2017

James Hemingway Short Fiction Prize 2017

SIM Publishing is proud to announce a much needed short fiction prize aimed at finding genuine Indian voices. We aim to resurrect the rapidly disappearing short fiction form. In its first year, the award is open to stories written in both English and Hindi languages. Previously published stories are welcome, too. All submissions will be judged by an esteemed panel comprising of Indian and international authors. Everyone, irrespective of cast, creed, or citizenship is eligible to apply as long as you meet the language criteria.

Award:  The first prize winner will get a fixed cash award (to be announced) along with the submitted entry published in a book on the theme with other nominations and released worldwide. Twenty-one best stories will be nominated for the award. These twenty-one stories will be published in the book form by SIM publishing and launched worldwide.All nominated stories will be translated into English(if Hindi stories are selected).

Theme 2017: This year’s theme is ‘Delhi’. We are looking to put together an anthology along the lines of James Joyce’s Dubliners. So, stories on and about Delhi and your affair with the city and what it means to you are welcome.


  1. Deadline **Update**: Midnight 22nd July 2017. Late Fees of INR 250 for all submissions after the deadline.
  2. Word Limit- Hindi:4500 words. English: 3500 words.
  3. Mail to: Info@Simpublishing.in
  4.  Maximum two stories per applicant.
  5. There is no fee to apply. But late fee might be applicable for submissions made after the deadline.
  6. All applicants hold and keep the copyright to their content. If nominated and selected for publishing, a formal publishing contract will be signed.
  7. Panel’s decision is final and can not be disputed.
  8. Previously published stories will only be accepted with the prior written permission of the publisher.
  9. Word file is preferred but you can submit PDF, too. Please include your name, mobile, email and full address within the Word file.

To register your interest, please enter your details below, we will keep you updated and remind you about the deadline.

All queries  and submissions must direct to info@simpublishing.in. Good luck and look forward.