Shreem Info Media have launched the imprint James Hemingway on 15th Jan 2017 at the New Delhi World Book Fair. The first title to come out is Sorry Not For Sale by Urmila Bhargava.

Sorry Not For Sale Book by Urmila Bhargava

Sorry Not For Sale

It is a story of grit and determination of single mother of three. Urmila Bhargava fought the corrupt system and destiny to build a successful business in an industry that is dominated by men. This book proves that those who blame the corrupt system in India for their failures are simply wrong. It is possible for anyone, anywhere to get to their goals. ( World Rights, All Languages)

Publish Year: 2017

ISBN: 9788193333402


 I Saw It

Author: Dr Daljit Chaddha

This book tells a story from the point of view of a young doctor couple who spent three years in Iran during the years of revolution from 1978-1981. There have been many books on Islamic revolution of Iran, American Hostage Crisis etc but none that actually talks about how the lives of ordinary Iranians was affected during those years of uncertainty and fear. The doctor couple, both Indians, could look at things from an outsider’s perspective to be able to tell the story very objectively, without any bias or prejudice.

 Legacy of Love

Author: Satwinder/Bony Dhillon

It is an intricate story of love, betrayal, anguish and identity. When a young woman up against her circumstances is offered an opportunity of her lifetime by selling her soul, what would she do?

Set in Canada, this books deals with the sensitive issue of surrogacy and love from a female perspective.

(World Rights, All Languages)


 Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit

Author: K.C. Rice

Torn between an erotic love affair and real love, Kaycee must decide what’s best for her.  An adult romance with subtle narrative of identity, feminism, personal crisis, and sexuality. Author K.C. Rice enters a world of taboo that most people go through in their lives but seldom bring it to the fore.

(Indian subcontinent Rights, All Indian languages and English)